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Pages of the Weapon Pro

вторник, 25 мая 2010 г.
Ололо Hiraga Saito 16:07:28
Какбэ первая запись на русском :-D­
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четверг, 18 марта 2010 г.
XYWE is dead... Hiraga Saito 11:46:12
...or else?
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воскресенье, 14 февраля 2010 г.
Everything and everyone hates me...... Hiraga Saito 17:08:02
Everything and everyone hates me... (( I think, my pain will never end...

Подкаст Thirteen Senses - Into The Fire ( 03:38 / 5Mb )
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воскресенье, 31 января 2010 г.
Lagwagon - May 16 Hiraga Saito 06:39:37
No more waiting on them
As you rise inside new rooms
It's official you've gone
You can live for no one else
Man the guilt must be huge
As there's no gain in failure
You succeed at being mine
Yeah, old friend, see you there
I will be proud from afar
I can paint a picture
In a moment of memories
And there aren't many left
I am extradited, uninvited
It's just another Saturday
Take a step to freedom
You and her loathing this cruel world
Take a breath of shelter
And exhale trust and allegiance
Liberate yourself from hell
It's just another Saturday


AWESOME! You must download this song!

Подкаст Lagwagon - May 16 ( 02:58 / 3.3Mb )
четверг, 3 декабря 2009 г.
Today's my birthday Hiraga Saito 10:55:07
3rd December is my birthday. Now I'm 14.
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вторник, 17 ноября 2009 г.
Young music bands Hiraga Saito 18:57:50
At last time I'm fond of young alternative rock, emo-punk and post-hardcore bands. That bands began their music work in 2003-2009.
Such as:
Silverline - ­­
Flood Of Red - ­­
SafetySuit - ­­
CAVO - ­­
Mentake - ­­
Red Light Green Light - ­­
Hadouken! - ­­

Song in the podcast - Silverline - Start To Believe (also previous background music in my blog)

Подкаст Silverline - Start To Believe ( 03:16 / 6.5Mb )
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Test: Anime al ne anime? http://xyw... Hiraga Saito 18:28:03
­Тест: Anime al ne anime?

Pass the test:­ts/0-59.html
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среда, 11 ноября 2009 г.
Ne v nuzhnoe vremya... Hiraga Saito 18:00:44
Da, ya zaregilsya zdes' ne v to vremya, kogda zdes' dolzhno byt' mnogo narodu... Eh...
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Russians, where are you? Hiraga Saito 15:54:14
Who's from Russia here?
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Pages of the Weapon Pro

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